Welcome to Touch of Thai Massage Therapy! We are luxurious massage therapy designed with a Thai atmosphere, to allow you to enjoy superior service. Our vision is to be the best Thai Massage Therapy in Houston. Our mission is to provide you with the best excellent professional Thai massage experience, through effective treatments from our well-trained therapists.

In Thailand, "Nuad Thai" or Traditional Thai Massage has become a significant for Thai and experts who have visited Thailand for their leisure, business trips or the like.

The practitioners must not undertake the practice of Nuad Thai without personal training from a certified teacher. Carefully follow the instruction and warnings.


The techniques of the Nuad Thai "Traditional Thai Massage" have been accepted and used successfully for thousands of years by being passed down through individuals instruction. A good practitioner requires strength, skills of practice and control, which can only be obtained from correct training.


Signature Treatment

Here are our treatments that are offers though out the year to help our clients refresh and restore energy from our technique.

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Traditional Thai Massage
based on the concept of vital life force energy that flows along channels in the body
Hot Stones Massage
based on the concept of energy flow through the heat path of hot-stones massage.
Deep Tissue Massage
based on the concept of pressure points that stimulate tissue underneath the skin.
Swedish/Relaxation Massage
based on superficial of muscles tension on a body.
Friends Referral Program
receive $5 off "Please ask for more details"
Special for Couple Massage
Special offer for a couple massage please call for more details
BirthDay Month Special Program
Special offer for a birthday month massage please call for more details
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